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Medium compatibility of ceramic sensors
Metallux SA has for decades used ceramic (Al2O3 a.k.a. alumina) as basic material for its products. The reason for that is the ceramic well-known chemical resilience, which in turn allows the use of Metallux SA ceramic products in a very broad range of environments.

Recommendations from our suppliers, literature research and Metallux SA customers’ experience have repeatedly demonstrated that the use of ceramic must be considered when dealing with aggressive media and/or harsh environmental conditions.

However, this information can be used only as indicative orientation and cannot be transferred to all possible environmental conditions. Metallux SA cannot and will not guarantee that ceramic will survive any conceivable working environment. Knowledge of ceramic chemical resilience does not release the user of his due diligence, therefore in case of new and/or untested applications, Metallux SA strongly recommends the end user to perform specific tests on its own.

For reference only, and without any claim or guarantee on the accuracy of the information provided, the following website provides a cross-referencing tool to assess compatibility between materials. By choosing “Ceramic AL2O3” in the “Material Compatibility” section, a list of chemicals will be shown, each one with a degree of compatibility (from A = excellent to D = Poor).
Metallux SA, although not producing complete pressure transmitters, has achieved a deep expertise in encapsulating and sealing of ceramic pressure cells.
Thanks to the co-operations with several customers, it has been possible to develop a “general purpose” mounting procedure in order to help and support customers in designing sensors’ housing, optimised for specific application pressure range.
Our Mounting
Mounting proposal for Ø18 mm ceramic pressure sensors
Beginner's kit
Metallux “beginners kit” has been created to reduce initial cost and development time for the customer’ own sensor housing, in order to make the user immediately capable to test the features of our pressure sensor cell or our pressure transducer. The kit includes a steel housing (two parts) plus 5 sealing gaskets for repetitive assembly operations. During the assembly of the ceramic cell in its housing, it is very important to observe the correct closing torque to prevent any unnecessary mechanical stress on the ceramic.

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