Overview Industries
Metallux offers solutions in the form of components for companies specialising in raw material extraction, machine building and consumer goods manufacturing
Metallux is IATF16949: 2016 certified. Supplier of sensors to major players in the automotive world, it provides customised solutions from samples to large quantities.
We have recorded a constant turnover growth in the past few years. Our volumes allow Metallux to be competitive on the global market despite the complexity of production process and the high quality standards.
Metallux guides his customers in the medical sector to industrialise and bring their projects to market by providing electronic manufacturing services (EMS). All productss are done taking into account that medical devices have to meet high requirements in terms of safety, reliability and functionality and have to comply with strict regulatory requirements.
Other Industries
Metallux offers a wide range of sensors in different sizes and pressure ranges. Decades of experience in building hybrid circuits with customer-specific customizations make Metallux the ideal partner for robotic applications.
Water has increasingly become a precious resource. Metallux is active in the environmental sector by providing its customers with sensors for monitoring water distribution pipelines and consumption, for measuring the level of water wells, for monitoring the level of wastewater and any other application where water is involved.
We know that aviation components have to withstand the most extreme conditions. Metallux manufactures customised sensors and hybrid circuits to the specific requirements of aviation customers that meet the highest demands in terms of longevity, functionality and safety.
Oil and Gas
Metallux pressure sensors, which can also be equipped with a temperature sensor, have been successfully used for years in oil & gas plants all over the world. The sensors are designed to operate over time with high acid gas concentrations and harsh environmental conditions.
Metallux sensors are used for level determination in tanks in maritime applications. The sensors are installed not only in ballast tanks to balance the ship but to measure all liquids, from fuels and oils to drinking water and waste water.
Metallux supplies companies in the railway industry with both pressure sensors and hybrid circuits. Braking systems or sliding doors of a train require high standards of safety and efficiency. These results are achieved through continuous research, quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes.
Metallux supplies sensors for companies specialising in the food industry. In industrial food and beverage production, plant components in contact with products must avoid microbiological contamination and ensure product quality. Metallux sensors have UL-NSF/ANSI and KTW and WRAS certifications for hot and cold drinking water.