Medical micromotors

Medical Industry

Precision engines for the future

Metallux's electronic manufacturing division produces customised hall sensors for micromotors.

These hybrid circuits are encoders, based on Hall sensors, which measure the position or speed of rotation of motors.
Typically integrated on Flex, these components are installed on small powerful motors for Medical & Laboratory Equipment.

Metallux components produced with highest standards, verify the position of the motor whils granting efficency and reduced weight to miniaturized systems.

Typical applicationinclude:
- Motorised exoskeleton
- Artificial hands
- Portable micropumps
- Surgical robots

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Aerospace and aviation application
These motors are also found on board probes and vehicles used for space missions such as the Rosetta probe and the Mars Rover (top image). The Rosetta probe was used to take cometary samples and send images back to Earth, while the Mars Rover is a vehicle that travels the surface of Mars to examine its features and determine whether there is life on the red planet.
Automation and robotics application
In the field of robotics, one of the most innovative markets for artificial intelligience is the development of surgical robots. These robots function as an extension of the human surgeon, controlling the device from a nearby console. The use of these robots ensures greater safety in surgical procedures.