Diesel Exhaust Fluid Testing

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AdBlue-SCR Quality & Temperature Sensor

Metallux's (ELTEK Group) automotive division has developed a sensor for Nox emission reduction systems.

Level of pollutants that diesel engines can emit has been reduced significantly in the past couple of years thanks to the introduction of the AdBlue technology.
When the diesel engine is running, tiny amounts of AdBlue are squirted onto the exhaust gas produced, turning the NOx into nitrogen and water before it's expelled from the exhaust system.

The innovative device develovep from ELTEK Group, is a submarine quality sensor monitoring the concentration and quality level of the AdBlue solution in the tank reservoir.
Keeping this values under control guarantees that no amount is removed from the tank, that no forbidden additives are added into the solution, whilst monitoring tempearture and level.
Other features include...
- Urea concentration measurement
- Temperature measurement
- Level detection
- Contamination detection
- Tampering detection
- CAN communication

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